It's time to register your clinic

The ACVO/Stokes Service Animal Eye Event program continues to grow each year, last year seeing approximately 7,500 animals. Our continued growth would not be possible without YOU. Thank you to all the ophthalmologists and clinics that participated in the 10th Anniversary event in 2017. We hope you will register to participate in 2018, and be a part of our 11th annual event!

This year, we have created an online sign-up form to better streamline the registration process and hopefully make it easier for you and your admin staff. This dynamic form will allow you to sign up multiple doctors for one location. You can also add up to three locations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this new process.

Please sign up no later than March 1st so we may promote your city's participation to the public and press.

Use this form to sign-up or pass along to your administrator today!

Sign-up early, for possible local press coverage

We get calls every year from city papers that want to cover the event, and even want to visit on-site to interview and take photos. However, EVERY year reporters are turned away because clinics are not registered in their readership area.

Service & Working Animals

Of the 7,500 animals examined in 2017 about 60% were Service Animals, the remainder were Therapy Animals. Please remember that you may choose to internally allocate appointment slots by ‘type’ of animal if needed. Please make sure your administrator(s) know that if appointment slots fill up, we can note this in our contact database to limit calls.

Promotional Materials

We continue to provide and update digital and printable promotional materials for your clinic's event. These materials should be completely updated by March 1st, but take a look at what you could currently use to promote the even to your clients and referring DVMs. Additionally, consider sharing frequent event Facebook and Instagram posts beginning in March. We are happy to assist you if you would like additional tools.

Thank you StokesRx!

Stokes Pharmacy has agreed to support this program through 2019. Assuming that our members wish to continue the program, Stokes is willing to donate $50,000 per year to help fund the promotion of the event. Please help us thank Stokes for their generosity any time you’re able.

Other sponsorship opportunities are available and will be secured by the end of February.

We sincerely thank our Members and our sponsors for continued support. This program and veterinary ophthalmology as a profession, owe you all greatly for your philanthropic efforts and generosity.