On average 260-300 of our ACVO Diplomates volunteer their services and staff annually to participate in the screening exam event. Over the past ten years nearly 60,000 Service Animals have been screened. Service Animals include primarily dogs, but cats, equines and some exotics have also benefited. Each year the participation numbers increase, as does the press impressions for the event. Please see these general numbers below.

Hopefully this event will continue to increase awareness of the respective roles of Service Animals, their owners/caretakers, primary care veterinarians and boarded specialists in veterinary ophthalmology.

Click here for an overview of sponsorship levels, but if you would like a full sponsor prospectus, please email our office. This will include sponsorship categories, historical data, recognition and other helpful information. Sponsorships generally run from December 1st to June 1st of the following year.

2018 215+ Million 7,625
2017 212+ Million 7,500
2016 200+ Million 7,400
2015 200+ Million 7,200
2014 300+ Million 7,700
2013 210+ Million 7,700
2012 210+ Million 4,900
2011 240+ Million 4,200
2010 89.5+ Million 3,600
2009 40+ Million 1,600
2008 4+ Million 1,500
Dr. Kristina Vygantas, NorthStar VETS, Robbinsville, NJ

Dr. Kristina Vygantas, NorthStar VETS, Robbinsville, NJ


The following organizations have already endorsed the program and will be promoting it to their respective memberships or are in the process of finalizing endorsements. Help us thank them for their support, visit their web sites.

American Animal Hospital Association - 18,000 General DVM members; American Veterinary Medical Association - ~78,000 General DVM members (pending); American Veterinary Medical Association; Auxiliary American Veterinary Hospital Managers Association - (pending); Veterinary Ophthalmic Technicians Society - (pending); Many State Veterinary Medical Associations  


These endorsing organizations are contacted each year to renew their endorsement. Typically the endorsement means they support the program and will promote it to their Service Animal members. If you would like to see your organization on this list, please contact our office.