Annual Photo Contest

Photo Contest Description

Would you like to have a little fun and earn $250-$500 for your favorite charity too? Email us your favorite photo(s) of your Service Animal(s) working and/or demonstrating your special human/animal bond. We accept photo submissions in June and winners are announced in July. We know these animals mean so much to you... please share and 'show us' your relationship with a photo!

First place will win a $500 donation, second and third places will each win $250 donations, to be presented in your name to an IRS-approved charity of your choice.

Photos can be emailed to our office the month of June in either a .jpg or .tif format. Our top pics will then be posted for our FB audience to vote in July, the photo with the most ‘likes’ by a set date will win.

This competition is open to all handlers of animals who qualify for the program. Please provide the following in your email:

Service Animal’s name, your name/contact information, type of service animal work performed and fun ‘caption’ or description of the photo. If you have a story to share, please do. The email also needs to include your permission for us to use it relating to this campaign in the future. Please help us spread the word about this wonderful program!

2018 Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Photo Contest! View all the finalists here.

1st Place - Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Bodhi

The first day we had Bodhi, Juliet said, “I want my dog”. Juliet, who is mostly non-verbal, spoke her first sentence! Among the many things that Bodhi does for Juliet, he provides balance, stability, assists with dropped items, emotional support.

$500 Award to Chosen Charity:


2nd Place - Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Cisco

Cisco helps Bob with doors, light switches, automatic door buttons and retrieving items. Cisco is pictured with Bob's nephew, Oliver, at his graduation!

$250 Award to Chosen Charity:


3rd Place - Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Mork

Mork is a mobility service dog and helps make life easier for Wallis as a wheelchair user. Among his many tasks, Mork loves to retrieve credit cards out of the chip readers and feel like he is the one paying!

$250 Award to Chosen Charity:

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