Happy Clients

Letters of Appreciation & Facebook Comments

Dr. Grimsley Cook, Bella and Shane
Bella and Shane visiting Dr Anne Grimsley Cook at Animal Eyecare of the Lowcountry in Mt Pleasant SC. Great visit! Shane actually had successful cataract surgery in 2009 with Dr. Cook. Lens implants in both eyes at the age of 1. We call her his Angel! (as you can see, he loves her) Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in the Program.

- Christy Thompson
  Chapter 273 Director/TDI

Bubba, my precious Shihtzu, had his eye exam last week. Thank you so much. He had a stellar report and the Dr. was fantastic. I was very relieved and very grateful. Thank you ACVO
- Barbara Bronk

I would like to thank Dr. Carrie Breaux and her staff at WestVet Animal Emergency & Specialty Center for donating their time and skills to participate in the ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam Event. They took very good care of us and gave Sage a clean bill of health. THANK YOU!
- Shannan Fischer Kindred


Dr. Bromberg with Sirius. He was a search and rescue dog, but developed spine issues so now he is in a reading program. Way to go Sirius!

Thank you Dr. Nancy Bromberg for your support of the program.

Thank you Dr. Bromberg and Thank you ACVO for this service. I've done it every year with my last two search dogs and really appreciate it.
- David Wyttenbach

Thank you ACVO..this will be the third year that I have taken advantage of this free exam for my therapy dog. Vertical cataracts were found at the first exam and need to be rechecked every year and I would not have known this had it not been for the free ACVO exam.
- Kathy Holbrook

Apple and I thank ACVO and Dr. Shari Greenberg in Windsor CT
- Judith Kelly


On Monday, May 17, 2010 at 10:00 a.m., Dazzle was examined by Dr. Anne Cook, the WONDERFUL animal ophthalmologist veterinarian at ANIMAL EYE CARE, Mount Pleasant, SC. Dazzle came through with flying colors! Dr. Cook said that Dazzle’s eyes are very healthy and he will NOT develop cataracts. (We were very concerned about cataracts). He is such a precious, wonderful gift from God! Dazzle made us proud yet again! Just before we were leaving Dr. Cook’s examination room, Dazzle alerted me that I dropped my sunglasses! He then gently picked them up and gave them to me. Dr. Cook was very pleased to see Dazzle perform this feat! Thank you very much for relieving the stress of any possibility of eye problems for my service dog. So many people depend upon specially trained working animals for a wide variety of disabilities. It’s services like yours that help us through tough times!

- Stephanie Walsh

Thanks to all the participating Drs! We appreciate your help!
- Laurie Jones Shinkan