Happy Clients

Letters of Appreciation & Facebook Comments

Thank you so much for providing annual eye exams for service and working animals. This is truly a wonderful service. This is the third year for my therapy dogs, Stanton and Yolli. They have minor eye issues that are not serious at this time, but it is comforting to have these exams to monitor them. I'm really proud of these wonderful dogs and am so fortunate to be able to do the therapy visits with them. Stanton (left) is 10 and Yolli (right) is 8. The staff at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Overland Park, Kansas do a great job.
- Marty

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Two of my search and rescue K9’s had potentially sight threatening conditions that were detected at the annual exams. Both are now being treated and doing well so far.
-Judy T

I am eternally grateful for having been able to participate in this event with my dog a couple of years in a row. I was given advanced warning that he was slowly losing his sight to Progressive Retinal Arophy and 2 years later being completely blind and now deaf also he is still my amazing soon-to-be 15 year old friend. Thank you for those opportunities at North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital and helping us along the way of our journey with blindness.
-Allison & Bandit

On behalf of Delmarva Search and Rescue, sincere thanks to Stokes Pharmacy for their continued support of this most important service!! Also many thanks to the doctors who do such a wonderful job with the examinations!
-Vicki T


Finny had his annual eye exam by this amazing vet (Dr. Brown). To say Dr. Brown is gentle, compassionate and caring is an understatement. We have seen Dr. Brown over 10 years! He has examined my previous therapy dogs (now angels, Riley and Zoe) and now my precious Finn. One of the most generous and selfless services they offer by donating their precious time by traveling from Jacksonville, Florida to Pensacola, Florida to perform eye exams in service/therapy/working dogs each year. What a wonderful gift. — at Veterinary Emergency Referral Center. We can't thank you enough.
-Michelle K

Dear ACVO,
Thank you for the appointment for my Service and therapy dog Panther. Dr. Susan Carcastro was very gentle, professional and warm. Panther was very cooperative and our visit was positive. I wish to thank you for this opportunity for my dog and to use it to educate my Therapy Dog Foundation Inc. members about an important part of their health care. I thank you, Dr. Susan Carcastro and all who made this program available. I have always had my dogs CERF-ed over decades. My financial status has changed and I am no longer able to afford this necessity. But Panther and I are still making our 4 visits a week for therapy.

Elsa did well at her ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam. We went to Eye Care For Animals San Diego and saw Dr Francesca Venturi. Everyone at the office was very nice and made Elsa feel comfortable. And her eyes checked out and her vision is great This is a wonderful program and we are very appreciative of it! We'll be back next year.


Dr. Susan Nelms of Veterinary Eye Care shared this wonderful photo of her, Gail and Tatum a guide dog with a little message: "Gail has been a client for 9 years. I examined her first guide dog Finley for 9 years. Finley passed away last year and Gail has a new dog, Tatum."

Thank you, Dr. Nelms for sharing this photo and story. We are so glad to hear that 9 years later, you are still able to provide Gail and her selfless guide dogs with this generous service.

Hello, my name is Barbara and I had the privilege of having my seizure alert Service Dog, Lizzy, eyes examined. I was lost for words upon meeting your kind representative. I have to tell you how very much I appreciate your kindness for the national service dog eye exam. Lizzy means so much to me, without her my feeling of independence would be gone. She not only alerts me to an oncoming seizure but is also very faithful and loving. You have done such a generous thing to all service dogs. I will always be very grateful to your company.
-Barbara, Coulton &Lizzy

Charlie and I would like to thank you for offering the free exams for service dogs. Charlie is my diabetic alert
dog and is also very active in a variety of other things. I do my best to make sure he is healthy and his mind is
always working. This eye exam is extremely helpful. He is going to be 6 this year and I was really glad to find
out his eyes are perfect.