2018 Photo Contest Finalists

Voting is now closed for the 2018 photo contest. Winners were announced on this page.

Every year we post the top Service & registered Therapy Animal photos, submitted by YOU, to be voted on. The top three photos with the most votes by mid July will win donations to their favorite charity! First place will win a $500 donation, second and third places will each win $250 donations, to be presented in your name to an IRS-approved charity of your choice. This competition is open to all handlers of animals who qualify for the program.

Thank you to all those who participated this year, we had over 70 submission! It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the pictures as they all are amazing. With that said, we have narrowed it down to the top 6 photos in three categories: Assistance, Working and Therapy Animals. Review the finalists and their stories below before submitting your vote.

2018 Photo Contest Finalists by category


Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Bodhi

The first day we had Bodhi, Juliet said, “I want my dog”. Juliet, who is mostly non-verbal, spoke her first sentence! Among the many things that Bodhi does for Juliet, he provides balance, stability, assists with dropped items, emotional support.


Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Cisco

Cisco helps Bob with doors, light switches, automatic door buttons and retrieving items. Cisco is pictured with Bob's nephew, Oliver, at his graduation!

Moose (683x1024).jpg

Diabetic Alert Service Animal - Moose

Moose is more than just a diabetic alert dog, he is also a two-time world team member for the USA! Moose is pictured holding the cooler for Jen's medications that need to be kept cool on trips overseas. 


Therapy Animal - Bryn

Bryn is a PADS puppy in training. Jackie says "Bryn connects very quickly with people. You can see not only the connection she makes but that she also wasn’t the least bit phased by my Dad’s prosthetic leg."


Therapy Animal - Kodi

Kodi is a therapy dog with Happy Tails and was a rescue from the American Brittany Rescue! Kodi is shown here comforting a patient.


Therapy Animal - Willow

Willow is a therapy dog that visits nursing homes and participates in the Paws to Read program, which helps children who struggle with reading. Pictured is break time with 'all hands on deck'!


Urban Search & Rescue - Finlay

Though retired from active service, at 12 years old Finlay still works as a demo dog teaching new handlers the ropes.  Here he is helping a new handler practice their timing at presenting his tug reward.  Urban Search and Rescue dogs have to bark at the location of live human scent to let their handler know they’ve found somebody. 


Search & Rescue - Jessie & Buzz

Pictured left to right - Jessie is in training for Human Remains Detection and Buzz is a certified Area Search & Disaster Search. They couldn't resist this photo opportunity at a training with the local fire department!


Trailing Search & Rescue - Midas

"Misty Trail on Laurel Summit". This picture shows Midas in action during a canine aided emergency search and rescue! Search and Rescue teams work through all elements to help bring lost or missing people home.

piper (768x1024).jpg

FEMA Human Remains Detection - Piper

Piper and handler Lynne are a volunteer resource to local law enforcement in California. She has assisted in locating victims of crimes, helped bring bad guys to justice, and a bit of closure to families. Piper also does Historic Human Remains Detection and in 2017 participated in an expedition to a deserted island in the South Pacific in search of Amelia Earhart’s remains. Piper alerts by laying down as close as possible to the source.


Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Chloe

Michaela was born with a connective tissue disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Type III). Chloe assists Michaela with retrieving items, opening doors, going to get help and even assists with laundry!


Mobility & Medical Alert Service Animal - Fisher

Charlotte was diagnosed at the age of 17 with a rare genetic connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. As this disease has progressed, Charlotte was becoming more and more dependent on other people when she was matched with Fischer. He performs dozens of tasks such as picking up dropped items, pulling her wheelchair, retrieving medications and alerting to my heart condition. "To me, Fisher is not just a dog. He is my constant companion and has helped me to regain my independence." - Charlotte

image1 (1024x682).jpg

Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Mork

Mork is a mobility service dog and helps make life easier for Wallis as a wheelchair user. Among his many tasks, Mork loves to retrieve credit cards out of the chip readers and feel like he is the one paying!

IMG_0148 (768x1024).jpg

Therapy Animal - Caity

Caity is a therapy dog with Pet Partners. Pictured, Caity is visiting Belmont University students taking a break from their exams during their Puppies and Popsicles event.


Therapy Animal - Sheppy

Meet Sheppy, the Read With Me therapy dog! As you can see, Sheppy's grin is infectious as he shows some comfort and love to clinic staff.


 Therapy Animal - Windy

"Windy at 'Work'." Windy is a retired guide dog who is spending her retirement giving comfort to others. In the words of one student from Newtown, “In a great tragedy you have brought us happiness. If your job is to make us happy, you have exceeded standards.”


Search, Rescue & Recovery - Ginny

Ginny is apart of the Alpha Natural Resources Mine Rescue Team and is the worlds first coal mining search and rescue dog! Ginny is outfitted with custom designed protective vest to protect her while working and also equipped with an infrared camera, gas detector and cap lamp. Ginny is able to help in emergency situations by reaching inaccessible place and before mine rescue teams are deployed. She is a game changer in the mining search and rescue world!


Land/Water Search & Rescue - Piglet

Piglet is rigorously trained and certified to find answers for families on land and in water. Piglet and Lori are dedicated volunteers serving many communities. They have built a solid reputation with law enforcement throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah!