2017 Photo Contest Finalists

Every year we post the top Service & registered Therapy Animal photos, submitted by YOU, to be voted on. The top three photos with the most votes by mid July will win donations to their favorite charity! First place will win a $500 donation, second and third places will each win $250 donations, to be presented in your name to an IRS-approved charity of your choice.

This competition is open to all handlers of animals who qualify for the program.

Voting is now closed, to view the winners, follow this link.

2017 Photo Contest Finalists by category

Medical & Hearing Assistance Service Animal - Mika

"Relieved to be Reunited" Ian's service dog, Mika, was relieved to be reunited after Ian returned from the operating room. Mika is a hearing ear & medical alert dog.

SA hear-Mika (love FAV2).JPG

Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Earle

Earle is a 2.5 year old Mobility Assistance Service Animal. He helps his handler, Chris, throughout the day by paying for purchases, picking up dropped items and opening doors. Earle also allows Chris to independently travel internationally.

Search & Rescue: Cadaver Recovery - Soleil

Soleil, training with h handler Marie, is a Search and Rescue dog in cadaver recover training. Cadaver Recovery dogs are trained to locate and indicate the presence of the odor of cadavers, they help bring closure to families.

Search & Rescue: Air Scent - Syka

Syka is with Resources in Search and Rescue which is an all-volunteer, nonprofit K-9 assisted search team whose mission is to help locate lost and missing people and assist in the location of deceased individuals. Syka is nicknamed the pocket rocket. At just 48 pounds she is the smallest, fastest GSD they have ever seen with a strong desire and focus for work.

Therapy Animal - Dude

“Love knows no Age” Dude is a volunteer for Paws for Friendship in Omaha, NE. Dude and his handler, Linda, most often visit retirement homes, assisted living, memory care facilities, but also volunteer at colleges and universities during exams for stress relief. Dude also visited a kindergarten class to help teach them how to care for dogs.

Seizure Alert & Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Paris

Paris is a multipurpose service dog and her primary tasks include seizure alert and mobility assistance for her partner, Austin. Austin is 10 years old and lives with rare brain malformations that leave him with a seizure disorder and a severe speech delay. This photo was taken during one of Austin's recent hospital stays where his seizures were not being controlled despite all of his medications and supplements. Even though Austin's verbal language is limited - this photo proves that love is truly its own language: Paris knew exactly what he needed from her.

Mobility Assistance Service Animal - Tanner

"Did you know footrests make great dog pillows?" Tanner is a mobility assistance dog for his handler, Melissa, and was trained by Summit Assistance Dogs.

Search & Rescue - Kalie

Kalie is a 3 year old, mix breed. She is an 'in training' service dog with CASDDA. She will be testing in September to be a certified search and rescue dog. This picture was taken in Slovenia at the IRO testing site.  Kalie pays it forward by rescuing people.

Search & Rescue: Human Remains Detection - Tomo

Also with the Resources organization is Tomo, a Karelian Bear dog, who is trained in Search and Rescue. He is a steady, methodical dog who brings family members home.

Therapy Animal - Baxter

Baxter visiting Mariemont High School during exam week for De-Stress Day. Students visit with therapy dogs between exams.

 Therapy Animal - Maverick

"Through the eyes of a child." Maverick is a therapy dog and was trained through Therapy Dogs International. One of Maverick and his handler, Mark's, favorite therapy events are the stress relief events at colleges and universities.