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ray ban sunglasses cheap We are optimistic about the company's main logic: SiP wireless communication module as a stacked chip package form, has the advantages of saving the mounting area, comply with the development trend of electronic products short and thin. Especially wearable devices have higher requirements for components, short and thin, the company SiP product application market space will be dramatically enlarged. Next year the company Apple products worth looking forward to, is expected to have a positive impact on the performance of the company. ray ban australia

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ray bans online Short term new product manufacturing process upgrading, profitability has declined, but the disturbance of short-term factors does not change the long-term logic we recommend company. Production: sandwich structure of three layer structure with process of color to wear more assured sandwich method to abandon the past, color directly onto the surface of the practice of using the new sandwich method of color, high water material in the middle part of the color directly sandwiched between two thin. ray ban sunglasses outlet

ray ban outlet 2013 1~9 months the company achieved operating income of 10087000000 yuan, an increase of 12.42%; net profit of 397000000 yuan, down 5.36%. Third quarter operating income of 3609000000 yuan, an increase of 13.13%, growth of 21.72%; the third quarter net profit of 131000000 yuan, down 29.60%, an increase of 30.48%. Before the three quarter EPS was 0.39 yuan, in line with our expectations. Before the company's three quarter gross margin was 11.18%, down 1.62 percentage points. discount ray ban sunglasses