Service Animal Registration is closed for the 2015 event, see Facebook for 2016 announcements.

Learn which cities usually have participating ophthalmologists; note that this may change slightly from year to year.

The 8th ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event will provide a free screening-wellness eye exam to Service Animals including those provide the following services: guide, hearing assistance, drug detection, police/military, search and rescue, therapy, and those assisting people with disabilities other than blindness.

All animals must be formally trained, certified, currently working service animals OR formally trained therapy animals with proof of active registration. (Additionally, due to the IAADP's extensive membership requirements and screening, the ACVO will permit "current, active, Partner Members" of this organization to participate in the program.) Those currently enrolled in a formal service animal training program may also qualify, but is based upon clinic availability. Qualification paperwork for the training and current work status of either the Service Animal or therapy animal MUST be provided to the clinic at the time of the exam, in additional to the registration number provided in the confirmation email generated by the online registration. Please note that clinics may have limited availability.

The complimentary eye exam through your veterinary ophthalmologist is of a screening nature and is not appropriate for animals with known eye issues.

puppyPuppies may participate in the program if they meet some general parameters:

1) They must be at least 3 months old at the time of the exam.

2) They must already be a part of a recognized, national or regional non-profit Service Animal training organization. (Therapy puppies in training are not permitted.)

3) This screening will not provide an OFA exam.

4) Examination of an entire littler may not be permitted, depending on the facility, due to limited appointment slots and the desire to 'spread the wealth' to numerous owners and groups.


If you have a Service Animal other than a canine, you may still plan to register, afterwards call your local participating ophthalmologist to make sure that your species is able to participate in the event at that location (e.g. felines, equines, etc.) Horses are tricky because special facilities are needed to screen equines. We will provide a separate list for equine owners if you contact the office, and it may also be linked here after the launch of the event.

The definition of "qualified Service Animals" to be screened during this event applies only to this ACVO/StokesRX National Service Animal Eye Exam Event. ACVO is not a publicly funded organization and may define the qualification parameters for this event.

Why are there specific qualifications for this program?

What you should expect from the examination.
Check that an ophthalmologist is participating in a city near me, prior to registration.