The ACVO is proud to inform you that 250 of our Diplomates have chosen to participate in this program. Once again, participating Diplomates will be providing the eye screening exam at no cost to Service Animals who qualify (view qualifications). The dates and times of each clinic's participation may vary, you will need to contact the specific clinic you wish to visit below to determine the proper date and time of your appointment.

At the time of registration for the next event, a preliminary list of participating doctors will be posted on this site for reference. Check back in April, 2013.
Step 1: In order to receive the free eye examination you must register for this event. A confirmation and registration number will be sent to your e-mail address. If you do not register, you cannot participate in the event.
Step 2: Once you have registered, the confirmation page will provide you with a link to a page that will allow you to search by state to locate a clinic near you. (Clinics may not be available in every state.) Cities/States with available clinics will be listed here late March for general reference.
Step 3: After locating the clinic you would like to visit, call their office directly, identify yourself as participating in the ACVO Service Dog event and make an appointment. Dates and times that this program is offered may vary from clinic to clinic throughout the month of May. We suggest you register early in April to ensure a better chance of securing an appointment at your preferred clinic. Those who wait to register may find it difficult to find a clinic with open slots.
Step 4: Visit the ophthalmologist at the appointed time. Please call ahead if you will be late or have to cancel your appointment.
Step 5: After your Service Animal's eye examination is complete, your veterinary ophthalmologist will provide you with a copy of your examination form and information. Please take this back to your primary care veterinarian to complete your medical records upon your next appointment. Your veterinarian ian an integral part of the team needed to keep your Service Animal healthy.
Most importantly, you MUST pre-register prior to calling to make your appointment with the veterinary ophthalmologist.
Registration for the 2012 event has now closed.


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